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Schillinger System of Musical Composition Vol 1
Joseph Schillinger; Hardcover (Special Order)
Schillinger divides music into its component parts: rhythm, melody and harmony. He details the method of rhythm generation. Then he describes melody and the methods to generate and develop it. He leads into harmony the same way.

The Schillinger System of Musical Composition (Music Reprint Series) Vol 2
Joseph Schillinger; Hardcover
A continuation of Vol. 1. These volumes consist of 12 sections and 1640 pages.

Encyclopedia of Rhythms : Instrumental Forms of Harmony : A Massive Collection of Rhythm Patterns (Evolved According to the Schillinger Theory of Int)
Joseph Schillinger; Hardcover (Special Order)

Fully explains how to generate rhythm patterns from which melody and harmony are added to produce compositions. All basic patterns are worked out as described in Volume 1.

Joseph Schillinger : A Memoir (Music Reprint Series)
Frances Schillinger; Hardcover (Special Order)

A most interesting biography of the life of Joseph Schillinger written by his wife.

The Mathematical Basis of the Arts
Joseph, Schillinger; Hardcover (Special Order)

This masterwork describes the mathematical methods used to produce visual art as well as music. 696 pages.

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